If you have an emergency fund, congratulations. But when emergencies pile up, should you drain the fund to cover each one? This is a question I asked myself recently after inheriting a car from my mother. Even though having my own wheels improved my life, the car needed repairs thatRead More →

The phenomenon of a buying spurt during the early stages of rising mortgage rates – until they hit a magic number. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. Real sales of all types of existing homes fell 8.2% year-on-year to 526,000 homes in October, with single-family home sales down 8.2% year-on-yearRead More →

According to a CNBC report from 2021, the average American has $ 90,460 in debt. While that number represents everything – from housing to credit card debt to auto loans – it is still a burden to many. Research has shown that debt can trigger anxiety and depression, and canRead More →

Having too much money seems like a good thing, right? Well, yes, up to a point. A cardinal rule of financial planning is to have three to six months of living expenses in the bank as emergency funds. But if you have money – in addition to the emergency fundRead More →